I am a person who loves everything about art. Graphic design, photography even music is all everything that I love a lot since years ago.


My interest of entertainment started in 2000, where in frequent I entered club to club and enjoying played music. Started from “like” and finally observed and learned it as a whole. And I love it very much.

Making and planning concept of a program, talent managing, and event organizing are things that I used to take in control. During 2004–2006, I started to set up an event organizer. In that event organizer, I start learned and mastered all about entertainment. That’s not a baffle if I like and enjoy this entertainment business.


In 2007, I make a concept, a DJ community which has DJ studio, DJ course, DJ management and Party Organizer as a unity inside.


Next on 2008, this concept been realized as a creation which been given a name is RDJ [Rumah DJ]. Here, I also have a special affinity of profession as a DJ until I decide to seriously mastering this profession. Caused by observe and following the blooming of entertainment industry, not only make me as talent, then I also start to make a method of teaching in mastering of DJ set ‘til finally I become a teacher in RDJ. Furthermore, now I also start to produce a song.


Trance, Techno and Progressive indeed are music genres which I played. Extraordinary of music selection and technical of mixing are reason why people fond me lot. Inspiring by local and international DJ then make me select and play all kind of music which I like. 


I love TRANCE…




I am a person who loves all things about entertainment, specially music.

My interest will be musical entertainment begins in 1996 in which I shared with

my friends like watching a live band at the cafes in Jakarta and Bandung as well as directing the concert band from a foreign country.

In 2003 my brother and his friend Venda took me to the club to enjoy music played by disc jockeys. At that time I became interested in the music played by disc jockey, because I think this is a new thing in the world of music entertainment.

In the year 2007 my friend Venda establish an organization called the RDJ who is move in dj school and management and invited me to join him. Since then I began to learn and obtain dj music entertainment world.

House, techno, trance and progressive house is a genre of music I play. Mixing techniques and play different than others makes me special and loved by clubbers.





To my perspective, life is full of diversity. That is why I have myself full of variety. Creative and innovative has been a habit to me, which was why most people think that I am creative.

In 2005, in a major event in Jakarta featuring DJ Tiesto, I had my interest attracted to the music he played. That was the momentum when I first involved in the nightlife.

In 2008, to satisfy my curiosity to the DJ world, I started to look for a place where I can learn and get involve with DJ life. I finally landed in a place called RDJ in south Jakarta. I was assured that this is the only proper place to learn about DJ-ing.

After 2 months of learning, I managed to expertise almost all the techniques of DJ-ing. Less then a month later, I mastered my skills through a performance.

I like house music, soulfull, progressive house, and I play all in my performanced. I like those genres for its characteristic that is full of variety and not boring, which makes me enjoying my every performance.

Those music are the reflection of the real me, full of variety….. creative.




I start my Djing life in 2008, started making a progress and came to RDJ. have a first gigs in Pure, and then go around the jakarta. I like soulfull, house, techhouse, progressive, progressive house, and deep progressive.





name ANGGA BASMIN. Starting career in middle of 2009.his step in to RDJ DJ Management. One of label in JAKARTA. He was change name from ARFAN to ANGGA.


Early 2008 his starting to be a DJ with support from RDJ, and the genre is TRANCE and PROGTRANCE. Performing at local club like RET RO MAKASAR, X-ONE BOGOR and STADIUM JAKARTA enough for attract crowd in that club with the good flow.


Which one of favorite local Dj is DJ Marquee, DJ WINKY, DJ NASH STADIUM, Innerlight and favorite Internasional Armin Van Buuren,TIESTO, Jerome Isma-Ae and DASH BERLIN.




I rizki 24 years, I have a hobby in the field of music also entertain ranging from singing to acting. Because of the small I also live in the music from there music has become part of my life

My interest in the DJ world has been nearly four years, since entering the entertainment world and the world of night also many of my friends interest with music his special  DJ’s ,from there I try to find out what DJ's like

I learned self taught DJ originally from the virtual dj, first I just saw my friends until there I tried to learn his own up to my own understanding. This year I tried to take a more formal DJ school at rumah DJ (RDJ)

I myself prefer the genre of music proggresif and break beats for my play






My full name is Mashar sugara, just call me Igar.

I love music and it has become the part of my life. 

Started playing drums when I was in senior high school, and right now I became a DJ.
I was a disco enthusiast and just a visitor from one club to another one. Until finally I was interested to become a DJ. 
Due to my interest about DJ, so I joined in RDJ (Rumah DJ) in Pancoran, Jakarta, to learn all about the DJ, in early 2011. 
After I graduated and eligible to play as a DJ, I finally started to play from one club to another with a genre of music that I've choosed which are Progressive House, Dutch & Breakbeat.




As an avid music fan since he was very young,Ilham started collection music from various genre like new wave,rock,funk&disco. He began his music career when he was in high school,joining retro band as a drum player,heavily in fluenced by lots of bands such as level,red hot chilli pepper,stone temple pilots and soon.He also some musician from prominent top pop musician.


As a DJ Ilham started his career year 2011,playing house,progresif,techhouse and trance,spinning in the green kemang Jakarta.Ilham has commited in showing his DJ skills an making a name for himself in Indonesia dance scene.


Being in fluenced by well – known Djs such as AGIPRANA & VENDA ARYADI , ilham has gained experience of spinning at some prominent club like the teebox club Jakarta,attic’s club,ampere 59 club Jakarta and all over Indonesia playing a long side world class Dj’s such as Joachim this prestigious experience makes him more nature & open as his way to join big names of dance scene, so pray attention, ilham gonna rock the dance floor.





Choice in the entertainment world into my life, the DJ and acting.
For me DJ and acting have in common, they both require a seriousness.

And to two of his aim to entertain the crowds.
Into a pride and satisfaction for me in playing music, especially electronic music (DJ) and play (acting).

I started my career in the entertainment world in early 2009 as a model of one of the men's magazine and into the acting world in 2010.
In the same year I was interested in playing music and my choice fell on the type of electronic music (DJ).
My career in the DJ world began in 2010 with my friends and I joined in 2011 RDJ until now.



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